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Akazukin is the main protagonist of The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood (2013).

She's confirm on April 29, 2014 and debt on May 3, 2014


She was told by her mother, her grandma fell ill and she has to visit her. She was warned about the wolf and also for her not to stray in the road.

Good Girl

If she goes straight as her mother told her, she reaches her grandma's house and her grandma is so happy to see her.

Mother's Bloodlust

As she took the first path, she encounter a field of flowers and got some yellow flowers. As dawn pass, she made it to her grandma's house and took out an axe from her basket and kills her grandma revealing thats her real grandma. It reveals that her basket has a bottle of wine and an axe. All of this was her mother's request to kill her grandma.

Lost Woods

As she took the second path, she reached a dead end and wanders around the forest for an exit but apparently, she's lost in the forest. Her basket was a bunch of rocks and never been heard of her.

Wolf Man

As she took the third path, she encounters the hunter and talks to him. Then she reaches her grandma's house and founds her dead. Then the hunter appears as he was hunting for brats like her, rips her clothes and force her to be his slave.


As she took the fourth path, she wanders to the field of weeds. Then she reaches her grandma's house and her grandma acts strange as her ears are big, her eyes are large, her hands are big and her mouth is big. Then it was the wolf and he kills her and eats her.

Human Trafficking

As she took the fifth path,she encounter two swans. Then it's started to rain and reaches her grandma's house. Then someone appear and told her that she was thrown away from her mother and make this man his slave.


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