Berliner is one of the main characters in The House of Bell and Candy (2014). She is a critical story character.

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Note: This game is not translated in English. This is only I could understand the plot even tho it's in Japanese.

She was first appeared when Hans teleport to the cell. She befriend a black rabbit doll with no limbs named Haschen. When she and Hans go, a witch named Maria-Magdalene wander around the kitchen. Hans lets her go first and sneak through the ladder without being notice. As she sees a spirit of a girl, she and Hans was send to the dark void with a little fire. It depends on Hans to talk to her in order to get out alive. As they found a door, they teleport to a fine room with pretty dresses. When Hans is in the blood trail, it's up to him to pick which path he takes which imagining Bell.

ED1 Edit

She appears in the blood trail. When Hans approach her, he hugs her to bring them back where they are. When they encounter the bloody bird cage, she teleport to an loop with Hans' sister chase her down. She founds a way out by following Haschen and reunite with Hans. As they face the witch, she was teleport out of the house. As she sees the house on fire, she cries as Hans is engulf in flames.

After the credit, she visits the burned house and puts a present to Hans. When she sees Hans alive, she calls Hans an "idiot".

ED2 Edit

It's like ED1 but Haschen gets sliced in half and her head was chopped off. When Hans sees her head, he kisses her neck.

ED3 Edit

It's like ED2 but this leads Hans killing himself after seeing her head in the tray.

ED4 Edit

It looks like she was left behind...

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