Bevel's Painting is a game published by Maninu.

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A girl named Bevel explores a painting of her own creation.

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The game is similar to Ib but every time you use paint afterwards, it get dirty and you had to find a water bottle to wash your paint brush.

There are unique ways to get different endings by bringing an certain item:

Candle- This lead a fiery fate for Bevel and cremated.

Scissors- Stabbing the heart and play as Bevel Bevel.

Cloth and Cleaning Liquid- This leads a better endings.

If you clear all the endings, you might get an input access to the "Extra Scenario " (Even if you still didn't complete it).

Note: If you don't clear all of the endings while playing this mode, you will die as the scene shows you get crushed and you had nowhere to go.

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