Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout is a game published by Buriki Clock.

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When you play as Ange, you can do some task to get the ingredient to trade the crow for breadcrumbs.

When you play as Bernd, it's like before til a segment where Ange starts to chase Bernd and your only option is to shout out for her to stop but if this progress, it gets hard to perform (like pressing two buttons at the same time or with the spacebar).

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To check all the items in Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout, click here: Items.

Characters Edit

Image Name Role Info
Ange Protagonist A maiden who loves sweets, later revealing she's a half-vampire
Bernd Protagonist A young hunter who wants to get stronger, later realize he's a Dhampir.
Cynthia Support Protagonist A ghost who likes Ange and hates Bernd, later she gets bloody as she progress
D Minor Character A storyteller who tells the story of Ange and Bernd.

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