These are the items found in Ib. Bold is the items that are important.

Ib Edit

Lace Handkerchief Edit

  • Description: A treasured white handkerchief from mother.
  • Found: Items
  • Use: To give Garry after burning Mary's painting

Red Rose Edit

  • Description: A pretty red rose. Seems too beautiful to be real.
  • Found: The vase at the beginning
  • Use: To keep Ib alive in the Fabricated World

Blue Key Edit

  • Description: A blue key with a pretty, detailed design.
  • Found: In a room with a painting
  • Use: To unlock the blue door

Ant Painting Edit

  • Description: A depiction of an ant.
  • Found: On the wall in the green area
  • Use: To get across the hole

Green Key Edit

  • Description: A green key that smells of fresh leaves.
  • Found: On the room with one of the Death of the Individuals
  • Use: To unlock the green door

Wooden Fish (Head) Edit

  • Description: A wooden fish head. But where's the tail?
  • Found: After you played hide and seek
  • Use: With the tail, it forms into a Fish Key

Wooden Fish (Tail) Edit

  • Description: A wooden fish tail. But where's the head?
  • Found: On the broken moving statue
  • Use: With the head, it forms into a Fish Key

Fish Key Edit

  • Description: Head and tail together. Not seeing the "key"...
  • Found: After you have the head and tail wooden fish
  • Use: To get through the cat wall

Wooden Apple Edit

  • Description: An apple made of wood. Smells sightly sweet.
  • Found: After unlocking the math lock door
  • Use: To feed the LIPS

Red Key Edit

  • Description: A red key belonging to a person in a painting.
  • Found: After you react the Lady in Red
  • Use: To unlock the red door

Small Key Edit

  • Description: A key from a man. Where can it be used?
  • Found: From a weaken Garry
  • Use: To unlock the other red door

Blue Rose Edit

  • Description: A pretty blue rose. It's slightly withered. It's looking very healthy (after healing).
  • Found: From the Lady in Blue
  • Use: Heal it and give it to Garry

Eyedrops Edit

  • Description: Kept in a little bottle. Use to cure hurting eyes.
  • Found: The eyedrop room
  • Use: To cure the eye on the floor

Red Glass Ball Edit

  • Description: A lovely little red ball. It shines like a gem.
  • Found: After you heal the eye on the floor
  • Use: To put on the white snake painting

Sliver Ring Edit

  • Description: A small wedding ring with an intricate design,
  • Found: Behind the tree
  • Use: To put on the bride's ring finger

Bouquet Edit

  • Description: A very beautiful bonquet with many flowers in it.
  • Found: After you put the sliver ring on the bride's ring finger
  • Use: To feed the hungry painting

Gray Key Edit

  • Description: A gray key. Just holding it makes you anxious.
  • Found: After dropped by Lady in green
  • Use: To unlock the gray door


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