These are the items found in The Witch's House and The Witch's House MV.

Letter Edit

  • Description: A letter in your pocket.
  • Find: Automatic in inventory
  • Use: To read

Machete Edit

  • Description: A sharp tool for cutting. Rusty and old.
  • Find: Hidden in the trees, Under the log (MV Extra Mode)
  • Use: To cut the bush of rose. But broken after use.

Teddy Bear Edit

  • Description: A big stuffed bear.
  • Find: The piles of presents
  • Use: To stuff it with the Big Teddy Bear in the basket. But cut it's limbs with the chained scissors.

Teddy Bear Torso Edit

  • Description: A limbless teddy bear, red where its limbs were.
  • Find: After cutting the teddy bear's limbs
  • Use: To stuff it with the Big Teddy Bear in the basket for sure.

Teddy Bear Limbs Edit

  • Description: Cut off with scissors. Bloody and fleshly.
  • Find: After running away from the Killer Teddy Bear
  • Use: To give the invisible chef to cut something.

Bloody Limbs Edit

  • Description: Cut off with scissors. The're a filthy dark red.
  • Find: In the dresser (MV Extra Mode)
  • Use: To give the invisible chef, but won't accept. Instead, he chases you.

The counterpart of the Teddy Bear Limbs.

Sliver Key Edit

  • Description: A beautiful glinting silver key.
  • Find: From the invisible chef, on the chair (MV Extra Mode)
  • Use: To change the color with the poison soup.

Butterfly Edit

  • Description: A golden butterfly. Weak, but still alive.
  • Find: The Spider's Web
  • Use: So the butterfly would unlock the door.

Rope Edit

  • Description: A smooth piece of rope.
  • Find: In the barrel in the spider's room, after trading the yarn ball (MV Extra Mode)
  • Use: To give the invisible person to fix the books.

Yarn Ball Edit

  • Description: A brown ball of yarn. It's frayed in places.
  • Find: In the barrel in the spider's room (MV Extra Mode)
  • Use: To trade the cat painting for the rope.

The counterpart of the Rope.

Book of Death Edit

  • Description: Reading the cover won't kill you, apparently.
  • Find: From the invisible person
  • Use: To put in the bookshelf. But if you read it, you die. To put in the bookshelf in the hidden room (MV Extra Mode).

Butterfly Model Edit

  • Description: A model with brilliant blue wings.
  • Find: On the glass case after chased by the skeleton head
  • Use: To replace the butterfly in the spider's web.

Frog Edit

  • Description: A lost frog searching for his home.
  • Find: At the frog's room
  • Use: To pull the switch, for the mirror image and feed it to the snake.

Cake Edit

  • Description: A tasty looking piece of strawberry shortcake.
  • Find: From the pastry
  • Use: To make a mirror image.

Rose Edit

  • Description: A large rose.
  • Find: From the table
  • Use: To make a mirror image.

Queen Key Edit

  • Description: A small turnkey with a queen engraved on the end.
  • Find: From the cuckoo clock
  • Use: To play the music box with a pretty tune.

Sheet Music Edit

  • Description: A musical score with no notes on it.
  • Find: From the wall with pictures of women
  • Use: To the piano play by its own.

King Key Edit

  • Description: A small turnkey with a king engraved on the end.
  • Find: The vase after placing the sheets
  • Use: To turn the cuckoo clock.

Gold Chopsticks Edit

  • Description: Long, narrow chopsticks used for cooking.
  • Find: From the skeleton room
  • Use: To pick the ring from the hot pot and return it back to the skeleton.

Pig Ring Edit

  • Description: Blackened and sticky.
  • Find: From the hot pot
  • Use: To give the woman statue.

Skull Edit

  • Description: A small, well-shaped skull.
  • Find: Under the table, on the chair, in the pot and the shelf in the poison room
  • Use: To place it on the missing skulls.

Flower Petals Edit

  • Description: Beautiful white flower petals.
  • Find: Plucked the white flower
  • Use: To mix with the empty bottle.

White Pollen Edit

  • Description: Gloopy pollen from the yellow flowers.
  • Find: From the talking yellow flower
  • Use: To give a prisoner.

Empty Bottle Edit

  • Description: A durable glass bottle.
  • Find: The table in the poison room
  • Use: To mix with the flower petals.

Bottle of Petals Edit

  • Description: A bottle containing white petals.
  • Find: At the room with tadpoles
  • Use: On the water to make a glowing bottle.

Glowing Bottle Edit

  • Description:
  • Find: After you pour water on the bottle of petals
  • Use: To navigate the dark room.

Wristwatch Edit

  • Description:
  • Find: The drawers
  • Use: If picked, you might die.

Jade Pipe Edit

  • Description: A green smoking pipe.
  • Find: The drawers
  • Use: To give the prisoner to smoke the pollen.

Red Shoes Edit

  • Description: Eerie shoes dyed completely.
  • Find: In the other cell
  • Use: To wash of the redness in the room with tadpoles. If used on yourself, you die.

Glass Shoes Edit

  • Description: Clear glass shoes. Allows you to walk on poison. (Auto)
  • Find: After washing the shoes in the tadpole room.
  • Use: To walk through the poison path in the poison room.

Headless Doll Edit

  • Description:
  • Find: The room after the poison is gone
  • Use: To put the body back to the doll head.

Cute Little Bottle Edit

  • Description: Medicine that wilts the witch's roses. Smells sweet.
  • Find: On the shelf
  • Use: To clear the bush of roses.

Doll Head Edit

  • Description: Its inorganic eyes stare at you.
  • Find: After it crashes into the stain glass
  • Use: To put the head back to its body.

Doll Edit

  • Description: A doll in purple assembled from a head and body.
  • Find: After you put the head and body together
  • Use: To return to the purple table.

Ellen's Knife Edit

  • Description: A small knife.
  • Find: In the drawer when your chased by the Legless Girl
  • Use: To unlock the True Ending.
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