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Lilia Mistys is the main protagonist of Moonlight Labyrinth (2007).

She's confirm on July 14, 2014 and debt on September 13, 2014 along with Hans.




Note: This game is not translated in English. This is only I could understand the plot even tho it's in Japanese.

Lilia was knocked down and kidnapped by Gareth. She lost her necklace after she was teleport to Gareth's castle. She avoids the minotaurs and meet the red dragon, then she founds her necklace as it shines. She was encountered the black wolf as he notice her necklace shine, then she and the wolf talked and later founds the room covered with blood. Then after that, she dodges the impaling death traps and goo monsters also the mirror laser beams and shattering mirrors. She encounters her brother but it's blocked by the laser beams, so she finds another way around. Then she reunites with her brother but when she was teleport in the acid room, her brother and company helps her get back and teleport back where they are. Then they avoid the bloody paths, killer smokes and slicers. Then she encounters Gareth and the mysterious lady. After that, they gone to split up and later she founds two of them, believing what happen to trust or not. Then she encounters her killer self and kills her killer self and grew demon wings. After that, she conform Gareth and the lady. As they escape, one of them tripped and she used the device to bring her soul in, her dragon friend grew up and flew away. Then her brother kept her caged and breaks free as the beast is within her.

This is the True Ending plot, while there are bad endings and normal endings (which includes one of the endings, she lost her arm while they are trying to escape).


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