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Yonaka Kurai (倉井 ヨナカ) is a high school girl and the protagonist of Mogeko Castle (2012).

She's confirm on May 7, 2014 and debt on May 12, 2014.


She took the train to get home to see her brother for a long time. Then she ended up arriving at Mogeko. As she wanders the forest, she arrives at Mogeko Castle.

Everlasting Dream

As she decided to go to the other way, Mogekos has surrounded her and talks about there selfies. Then afterwards, the Mogekos rapes her.

As she went in the castle, she encounters the Mogekos.she enters the canteen, as she goes in the storage as one of the Mogekos appears and she hides in one of the boxes. Then she went in the dark path full of Mad Mogekos and leaves.


If she react with the Mad Mogeko, she gets engulfed by the darkness. After that, she become one of the darkness of Mogeko Castle,


If she goes through door which a bad feeling about she will swarmed by countless Mogeko larvae.

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  • She is voiced by Shannon Kelley in Mogeko Castle with Voices (BlueRhaps0d1).

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